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Integrity Insurance handles individual and family health insurance in the State of Georgia.  We are located in Alpharetta and Cumming and service the entire North Metro and Atlanta area.  The most common individual and family health insurance plans consist of doctor’s office co pays and drug cards within a PPO or POS network of doctors.  Most deductibles range from $1,000 to $3,000 but catastrophic deductibles of $3,500 to $10,000 are used if the personal savings are available for protection.


High Deductible Health Plans & Health Savings Accounts (HSA) are increasing in popularity.  On an individual or family basis, this type plan allows you to set up a separate savings account (tax advantaged and pre taxed) to build for medical expenses.  You must purchase a qualified high deductible health plan to qualify for the HSA.  The money in this account can accumulate if unused.  Eventually, it could be used for retirement or health expenses later in life.  There is not an advantage to using this type plan unless you take advantage of the separate health savings account.


Short Term major medical is used when someone knows their need for coverage is for 6 months or less.  This could be due to being between jobs or during a waiting period for group health.


International health insurance can be obtained through specialty companies.  You may contact us if you have this need.


All individual and family plans are underwritten for medical conditions and some pre existing condition exclusions could apply.  Always get a plan in place before you cancel current coverage.


Long Term care insurance is a coverage gaining in popularity.  This coverage is important due to the fact that we are living longer than ever before and do not want to be a burden on our loved ones.  Everyone should look into this very important coverage for asset protection as well.


Individual & Family; High Deductible Plan & Health Savings Accounts; and Short Term Major Medical can be self quoted and applied for online.  Just enter the sites on this page to Blue Cross Blue Shield Aetna Humana Golden Rule (United Healthcare) Assurant Health quote, review and apply.  Feel free to e mail or call us for any assistance or explanations.


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Life Insurance


We offer Variable Annuities, Universal, Term, and Whole life coverage as well
short and long-term disability.


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